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Photography: John Giordani | Fashion & Set Styling: Conn Brattain | Hair & Makeup: Ry-n Shimabuku | Model: Alyssa Hudson/Larson Talent | Assistant Stylist: Tori Speere


Building Materials

Marigold crest print cotton shirt by Kerry Cassill, $115 at Pearl Butik. Drawstring floral print pants by Johnny Was, $248; navy Lupe sandal by Coconuts by Matisse, $98; silver-plated ring with oversize Swarovski crystal by UNOde50, $220; all at WaterLily. Tassel necklaces by Genni Design, $70–$80 at Letarte. Citrine and sterling silver Kyra earrings by Yasha, $220 at Enchantress Boutique.


Height of Fashion

Scallop-edged halter-style 1-piece Mott swimsuit in Sally stripe print by Marysia, $319 at Cabana. Silk patchwork striped skirt with asymmetrical ruffle hem by Derek Lamb 10 Crosby, $695 at 22 Knots. Black-and-white-stripe Hazel shoes by Seychelles, $105 at Pink by Nature. Citrine and sterling silver Kyra earrings by Yasha, $220; jeweled hinge bracelet by Otazu, $329; and crystal marquis-cut bracelet by Made for a Queen, $249; all at Enchantress Boutique. Vintage sari fabric belts (black one worn as headband) by C. Miya, $36 each at Indigo Paia.


Clear Winner

Silver Sun sequin T-dress by Jen’s Pirate Booty, $240 at Pink by Nature. Vintage sari fabric belt by C. Miya, $36 at Indigo Paia. Labradorite bead and Tahitian pearl necklace on hand-knotted silk cord by Kate Christiansen, $1148 at Pearl Butik. By Olia Maui’s pyrite and silk tassel tie necklace (can also be worn as a belt), $249; citrine and sterling silver Kyra earrings by Yasha, $220; crystal flower headband by Deepa Gurani, $198; all at Enchantress Boutique.


Swatch This

Santa Fe fringe jacket by Tularosa, $170 at Nuage Bleu. Boyfriend jeans by Mother Denim, $200 at Pink by Nature. Flower blossom bralette by For Love & Lemons $122; double crystal talisman necklace with brass setting and chain, $192; round lapis ring, $400, and pear-shaped ruby ring, $970, both set in Argentium silver, from Almeria Designs by Wendy Hill; all at Driftwood. Silk scarf worn by Johnny Was (worn as headband), $98 at Holiday & Co. Iridia mirror-tip cat-eye sunglasses in champagne, $455 by Fendi at ILORIoptical. (Option shown, with prescription lenses, at additional cost.)


Level Best

Turquoise hibiscus print Scooba top by Mira Mikati, $480; Kiki print drawstring harem pant by Holiday by Megan Park, $180; silver leather belt with oversized Swarovski crystals by Ronald Pineau, $1,115; all at 22 Knots. Two blue chalcedony bead necklaces with rhodium-plated diamond pavé beads on hand-knotted silk cord, by Kate Christiansen, $998 and $2200 at Pearl Butik. Semiprecious square stone ring set in rhodium copper by Bodhi Waves, $79 at Enchantress Boutique.


Beyond Measure

Dot print Grace skirt by Nico, Nicholson& Nicholson, $290 at Holiday & Co. Maui print halter top by Holiday by Megan Park, $240; Sophia high-heel sandal in green cactus print with Swarovski crystals and silk rose detail by Charlotte Olympia, $996; both at 22 Knots. Vintage sari fabric belt by C. Miya, $36 at Indigo Paia. Citrine and sterling silver Kyra earrings by Yasha, $220; crystal marquis cut bracelet by Made for a Queen, $249; all at Enchantress Boutique. Silver-plated ring with oversize Swarovski crystal by UNOde50, $220 at WaterLily.


  • 22 Knots, Four Seasons Resort Maui, 874-8000
  • Cabana, Four Seasons Resort, 874-8000
  • Driftwood, 1152 Makawao Ave., Makawao, 572-1152, DriftwoodMaui.com
  • Enchantress Boutique, The Shops at Wailea, 891-6360, MauiEnchantress.com
  • Four Seasons Resort, 3900 Wailea Alanui Dr., Wailea, 874-8000, FourSeasons.com/Maui
  • Holiday & Co., 3681 Baldwin Ave., Makawao, 572-1470, HolidayAndCoMaui.com
  • Indigo Paia, 149 Hana Hwy., Pa‘ia, 579-9199, IndigoPaia.com
  • Letarte, 24 Baldwin Ave., Pa‘ia, 579-6022, LetarteSwimwear.com
  • Nuage Bleu, 76 Hana Hwy., Pa‘ia, 579-9792, NuageBleu.com
  • Pearl Butik, 71 Baldwin Ave., Pa‘ia, 579-8899, PearlButik.com
  • Pink by Nature, 3663 Baldwin Ave., Makawao, 572-9576
  • Ry-n Shimabuku, Makeup & Hair, Ry-nShimabuku.com
  • The Shops at Wailea, 3750 Wailea Alanui Dr., Wailea, TheShopsAtWailea.com
  • WaterLily, 100 Wailea Ike Dr., Wailea, 868-4014


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