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July-August 2023 Edition

The Proof is in the Plants: At Maui Ocean Center, explore the above-water world of native, endemic and canoe plants that forge the ecological relationship between mauka and makai.

Waihou Spring Trail: The trail through Waihou Spring Forest Reserve above Makawao feels like a hike through the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

A Zoom with a View: Aerial photographer Chris Archer gives new perspectives on beloved Maui locales.

Simple Pleasures: ‘Less is more’ for interior designer’s home retreat on two-acre Ha‘ikū property.

Editorʻs Letter: Chris Amundson explores Mauiʻs mauka-to-makai relationship.

Talk Story: The legacy behind popular surfboard brand, Kazuma Surfboards Hawaiʻi. Behind the chain-link boarders at Kanahā Pond Wildlife Sanctuary. Textile artist Cathy Detrick reflects the sea and sand.

Hanana: What’s happening in Maui Nui through October.

A Hui Hou: A landscape photographer returns to a favorite waterfall as a gift to her family.

In Their Own Words: Pōmaikaʻi Krueger of The Westin Kāʻanapali.