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The Savage Kitchen app, using crowd-sourced GPS data and expert guidance, revolutionizes the way that we can access free wild foods and feed our families, at a time with unprecedented economic disruption and a time when relying on restaurants and grocery stores has become a challenge.

This free app (now available for iOS and Android) can provide its users with the tools to “forage with confidence” – learning to safely identify and responsibly harvest these plants, and to easily prepare meals from plants found in their own backyards.

Hokulani Holt

What is a Hawaiian Education?

We ask three maoli (native) educators to consider what it means to be an educated Hawaiian in the twenty-first century—and why it matters.
Hawaiian hale

Social Structure: Hawaiian Hale

Indigenous architecture was shaped by—and helped to shape—life in early Hawai‘i. Descendants of the Islands’ first people are building on that foundation.
Hawaiian healing

Healing Across Generations

Following the ancient practices of our ancestors has restored a missing piece—healing across generations.
Kamaka Kukona

Mover and Shaker

Triple threat: He can dance. He can chant. And he can sing.

Written in Stone

A historic site yields clues to Maui’s ancient culture