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*NEW* Maui Podcasts

Maui No Ka ʻOi Magazine and SilverShark Media are proud to present a new Maui-based podcast. Our series features interviews with community leaders, industry experts, and small business owners as they adapt and cope during unprecedented times. Tune-in for informative, insightful, and inspirational stories of our island community working together. Stay tuned as we release more podcasts every Tuesday & Thursday on on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Interviews and links from podcasts will also be posted to our website each week.

Lanai Hawaiian island

To Know Lāna‘i Once Again

Kepā Maly is restoring authenticity to the stories of the island he loves.
Hokulani Holt

What is a Hawaiian Education?

We ask three maoli (native) educators to consider what it means to be an educated Hawaiian in the twenty-first century—and why it matters.
Hawaiian hale

Social Structure: Hawaiian Hale

Indigenous architecture was shaped by—and helped to shape—life in early Hawai‘i. Descendants of the Islands’ first people are building on that foundation.
Hawaiian healing

Healing Across Generations

Following the ancient practices of our ancestors has restored a missing piece—healing across generations.
Kamaka Kukona

Mover and Shaker

Triple threat: He can dance. He can chant. And he can sing.