Eating Out

Picnic in style with these additions to your basket.


Feat of Clay
These hand-thrown canisters are made from black clay and stand three or four inches tall. Use them to cart your herbs and spices with you when you’re out on an expedition. Homme By Nature, 3643 Baldwin Avenue, Makawao, 572-3456

Pearl heart and home

Setting the Scene
If you must use something other than your fingers, these utensils of mother-of-pearl and cowrie shells may do the job. As environmental awareness grows, artistic and reusable cutlery is also being made from bamboo and wood. Pearl Butik, 71 Baldwin Avenue, Pā‘ia, 579-8899

Down to Earth

Tiffin Time
Stainless-steel tiffin sets have been used in India since long before plastic took over the world. These sets, easy to seal and quick to clean, are functional, attractive and a friend to the earth. Down to Earth, 305 Dairy Road, Kahului, 877-2661

Paia Mercantile

Cetacean Top
A metal stopper to secure anything left in the bottle— and a reminder of the extraordinary creatures who each winter make the long migration to the waters of Maui. Paia Mercantile,
83 Hāna Highway, Pā‘ia, 579-6388

Chelsea Briggen

Put It There
Maui artist Chelsea Briggin makes coasters from resin in a variety of vivid colors and free-flowing forms and sells them in sets of four. She can often be found at island craft fairs and also online., 740-3000


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