September-October 2006

September-October 2006 issue of Maui Nō Ka ʻOi Magazine

Haiku kitchen

Where the Water Falls

Life by a Maliko Gulch waterfall is anything but ordinary.
harvesting pineapple historical photo

Centennial Celebration

Filipinos mark 100 years of history on Maui.
pioneer mill lahaina

Talk Story

Talk story about slippahs, Aloha Festival, Sugarcane Train, Paniolos and more!
maui schools

Financial Aid

A four-year college could be an economic engine for Maui. Can MCC make the grade?

Save the Shaka

Beyond the “shaka,” that friendly thumb-and-pinkie hand waggle that says “hello” in a uniquely local fashio, is an intangible spirit defines these islands.

The Noble Salvage

How the Habitat for Humanity ReStore is helping us reevaluate what we throw away
Kinaole Maui Food Truck

Side Dish: Carb Rampage

On a carb rampage at some of Maui's hottest new restaurants.
publisher's note

Publisher’s Note

Eat, drink, celebrate, and be good to each other.
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A Taste of Reality

On Sunday morning last, I woke to find a breakfast tray on my bedside table with Giles nowhere in sight. It was most peculiar...