January-February 2008

January-February 2008 issue of Maui Nō Ka ʻOi Magazine

Maui chinese new year

Kung Hee Fat Choy

Maui celebrates Chinese New Year with a bang.
designer bathroom

Beautiful Baths

Whether you love the warmth of tradition, customized whimsy, or elegance on a dime, your bathroom is all about value added: style, charm, and selling points. Here are three we’d shower with praise.
whale breach rainbow

Still Saving the Whales

The Hawaiian humpback whales that visit Maui each year are doing well, but threats remain.
Hawaiian kapa

Kapa: More to Learn

See all eleven kapa Pua Van Dorpe created to honor ancient Maui chiefs, and read their stories.
Wine sommelier

The Perfect Picnic Wine

Perfect pairings for the picnic basket.

Pau Hana

How huli huli chicken and Ted’s Bakery pies helped me cross Ka‘iwi Channel.
Wailea old blue golf course

Golf tips

Tips from Maui's top golf pros will have you swinging like a tiger in no time.
hapa haole music

Hapa Haole Music

Born in the early 1900s, Hawaiian hapa haole music evolved over the decades to match whatever song style was popular at the time, from ragtime to rap.
Pali hike Maui

Ridge Story

You'll trek it on the Lahaina Pali Trail, but Kalaloloa means much more to Hawaiians. Read the legend of ‘Ele‘io and Kanikani‘a‘ula.
homemade dried fruit mix

Dried Fruits-Rehydrated

Tips for incorporating dried fruits in savory dishes.
King Kamehameha Golf Club

Private Golf Courses—the Latest Trend?

To go private, or not to go private, that is the question island golf course owners have been pondering as they navigate their companies through rapidly changing times for island real estate and the sport of golf itself.

Talk Story

Fresh off the coconut wireless.
design tips

Ask the Experts

Design tips from Maui’s home professionals
publisher's note

Publisher’s Note

Happy Birthday, 2008! Sound the noisemakers, pop the champagne, and don’t forget the confetti.
Silvia Harmina Maui

Old School Spirit

More than three decades after being abandoned to the elements, vandals and arson, Maui’s first public high school is kindling a passion for renewal.

Short-term Aloha

Transient vacation rentals, long a quiet part of the Maui tourism industry, are a noisy new controversy.
Wailuku fridays

First Friday in Wailuku

Local merchants heat up Wailuku's sleepy streets with a monthly block party.
Tita Kathy Collins

Da Muddah Tongue

Wala‘au with our newest columnist, Tita, a.k.a. Kathy Collins.