November-December 2012

November-December 2012 issue of Maui Nō Ka ʻOi Magazine

Hawaiian ohelo berries

Oh, Hello!

Deck the halls this season with Hawaiian ohelo berries, a sacred yet edible plant endemic to Hawaii. They are also a nice alternative to cranberries.
Kathy Collins as Tita

Tanks, Eh?

The Pidgin speaking alter ego of Kathy Collins, Tita, shares her favorite Thanksgiving story inspired by a famous brothers Grimm fairy tale.
Samuel Armstrong

Maui’s Civil War Hero

Learn about Maui born Civil War military hero Samuel C. Armstrong, who played an important leadership role at the crucial Battle of at Gettysburg.
Maui car culture

No Dice

Emily Bott examines the car culture on Maui and all manner of creative dashboard gear, chains and bumper stickers that appear on island vehicles.

Me Ka Aloha Pumehana

Maui No Ka Oi magazine publisher, Diane Haynes Woodburn, honors the memory of her father and reflects on the gifts he has left behind.
corn malasadas

Upcountry Corn Malasadas with Eucalyptus Honey Butter

Learn to make honey butter for this corn malasadas recipe.

Nowhere Better

Antique charm and elegant decor fills this historic Upcountry home that was once a retreat for World War II servicemen and a well known Maui family.
The Pleiades

Lono’s Season

Teya Penniman explores the cultural significance and modern practices of Makahiki season in Hawaii. Learn about this sacred celebration in honor of Lono.
fortified wines

A Toast to Fortified Wine

Wine columnist Charles Freddy explains how fortified wines make a perfect holiday season pairing. It’s also a sweet sip that’s perfect for dessert.

Welcome Home

In this home and garden advice column, Sarah Ruppenthal shares tips on how to maximize the space in your home to accommodate holiday house guests.