July-August 2010

July-August 2010 issue of Maui Nō Ka ʻOi Magazine


James Bond, Caterpillar

Hawaiian scientists have discovered tiny caterpillars that climb, spin webs, and eat escargot! Meet Hyposomocoma, a native Hawaiian genus of moths with highly a charismatic caterpillar stage.
star noodle

Star Noodle

Star Noodle in Lahaina unites big-city style and local flavors.
handblown glass octopus

Let’s Go Fishing!

Islanders have a deep appreciation for treasures inspired by the sea. Who better to know their net worth? Check out five Maui must-haves.
maui's golf courses

Maui 2010 Golf Tournaments – Part 2

Maui’s courses provide a wealth of golf experiences amid the world’s most scenic surroundings. Here's the tournament schedule for the second half of 2010.
Threes Bar and Grill

Three’s Bar & Grill

Three's Bar & Grill in Kihei, Maui blends three cuisines: Southwest, Pacific Rim, and Hawaiian.
Makena home

A Place Apart

In seven separate structures, this Makena home artfully captures a very together lifestyle.
wailea movie set extra

Do What?

Jack Hagarty recently spent three days as an extra on Adam Sandler’s new romantic comedy Just Go with It, filmed in part on the beach at the Maui Grand Wailea Resort, and also starring Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston.
Kailiaau Canoe

Ka‘ilia‘au’s Canoe

Under the direction of canoe builder Charlie Noland, the entire staff of Kaanapali Beach Hotel, housekeepers to general manager, worked on the canoe, used traditional tools and techniques to carve, sand and make a traditional Hawaiian canoe seaworthy.
ono ceviche

Ono Ceviche on Crisp Platacone

Get the recipe for this tasty ono ceviche appetizer!
publisher's note

From the Publisher

A note from our publisher on turning sixty.
native intelligence

Native Intelligence

Native Intelligence in Wailuku, Maui, is a cultural resource center disguised as a store.
bicycle hana highway

My Own Private Tour

Move over, Lance! Our writer takes on the Hana Highway by bike and finds a thrilling substitute for the Tour de France's tough mountain climbs.
Tita Kathy Collins

Dis Bon Connected to da Mem’ry Bone

Tita talks about Maui's Obon dances, and visiting with the spirit of her Okinawan grandfather.