Breakfast on the Sunset Side

Last issue, we shared some of our favorite East Maui breakfast spots. If it dawned on you that West Maui must have great breakfast locations, too, you’ll be pleased to know we agree. Here’s a second helping of venues that will keep your sunny side up.

Crispy chicken breasts alternate with mini Belgian waffles in a Down the Hatch breakfast that’s everything it’s stacked up to be.

Down the Hatch

As I fill my coffee mug at the self-service station, a woman next to me bellows, “This is the best place to eat! I’ve eaten here lunch and dinner, and twice for breakfast! The food is great! Apparently Others are also feeling the love; the order line has doubled in the last minute. I grab a fork and knife and make my way to a table in the spacious restaurant and bar (yes, the bar is open). Soon a towering dish of chicken and waffles, conveyed by one of the well-trained staff, lands on the table in front of me and I am giddy with delight. A stick of rosemary skewers the four-inch Belgian waffles stacked four-high and layered with golden brown, crispy-battered chicken breast. Maple syrup, buttermilk dressing and spicy chipotle aioli accompany the dish. Is it as good as it looks? Better! Get down the hatch and eat on. The Wharf Cinemas Center, 658 Front Street, Lahaina, 661-4900



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