Fun Maui Restaurant Statistics


Sum Kind of Wonderful

Compiled by Becky Speere

Ever stop to figure how much time, energy and love go into the dishes that become our favorites? (Yes, love, because good food can’t come out of an angry kitchen.) Do the math, as we did, and you’ll see that these Maui chefs, cooks and restaurateurs—‘Aipono winners all—make our lives better in countless ways. Well, maybe not countless:

Ka‘ana Kitchen presses and extracts 76 pounds of fresh fruits and veggies for juices that keep us healthy, while supporting agriculture in Hawai‘i. That equates to gallons of goodness every morning.

leodas pie maui

Did someone say “pies”? Apparently, a lot of us. Leoda’s Kitchen & Pie Shop sold 168,862 in 2018, a record for the little Olowalu food stop named for co-owner Rob Aguiar’s mom. 17,123 of them were those hold-in-your-hand five-inch pies, which makes counting on your fingers so much yummier.

shish kabobs

Every month, Pizza Paradiso serves 900 shish kabobs with saffron rice and roasted veggies to hungry Middle Eastern food lovers.

One devoted customer has dined at Lahaina Grill 700 times. (We’re not surprised. This perennial favorite has had many return customers in its umpteen years in business.)



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