Fun Maui Restaurant Statistics



Musubi is da kine! That tasty bundle of rice and meat wrapped in a seaweed band just might be the quintessential local food. How do we know? Because Da Kitchen, that quintessential local restaurant, sold 26,000 fried musubi in 2018!lobster crab sandwich

1,200 lobster-and-crab-stuffed grilled-cheese sandwiches boogie on Down the Hatch at the Lahaina restaurant every month, as do 1,800 appetizer portions of Lava Lava shrimp.

For a restaurant that doesn’t like to beef, newbie Moku Roots has gained quite the following, serving 650 taro burgers a month. Now that’s a veggie mouthful!

Lineage grinds through 200 pounds of kim chee a month, and if kim chee is your spicy fave, try the dip. Served with Chef Sheldon’s favorite super-crunchy Maebo won ton chips, it should come with a warning: ADDICTIVE!

maui lasagna

Taverna has a layered response for folks with lasagna cravings: 995 plates of lusciousness plated every month. (That’s 435 pounds of ground beef!)

maui milkshake

“Hidden” gem? Au contraire! Cool Cats may be tucked in the shadows off Dickenson Street, but its award-winning burgers fly out the door at a rate of 400 to 500 a day—along with 200 creamy milkshakes and 100 ice-cold root beer floats.

Holy cannoli! Every month, Sale Pepe’s Chef Michele De Bari cooks up 100 gallons of marinara to marry with his primo house-made pastas.



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