Fun Maui Restaurant Statistics



Each evening, Nick’s Fish Market sets ablaze 15 strawberries Panzini desserts, atop whipped Chantilly cream and melted dark chocolate. That’s more than 5,000 a year!

Kihei Caffe goes through 5 cases of eggs daily. At 180 eggs per case, that adds up to 900 eggs a day! Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Talk about being on a roll: Japengo serves up to 50 blackened ‘ahi makizushi (nori rolls) in a single evening.

prime filet steak maui

Love steak? Hoof it over to Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Wailea, where staff in Chef Dan’s kitchen dished up 7,539 prime filets of beef last year.

At the Tiki Bar at Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel, veteran bartender “Uncle” Dale Simonsen has ticked in at 450,000 mai tais in the past 50 years. And over at the Tiki Terrace Restaurant, Chef Chris Napoleon flips 8,000 omelettes a year for the hotel’s Sunday champagne brunch.

Chew on this: In 2018, Star Noodle diners slurped up 50,405 of the 58,430 pounds of fresh noodles produced onsite, enjoyed in chow funn, saimin, udon, ramen, fried soup, and specialty noodles. The other 8,025 pounds were served, and enjoyed, at Star Noodle’s sister restaurants Aloha Mixed Plate and Leoda’s Kitchen.

loco moco

Aloha Mixed Plate customers happily consumed 17,594 luscious, gravy-slathered hamburger patties in 2018—with fried egg over rice, of course! That is LOCO (MOCO)!

No wonder Flat Bread scores ‘Aipono honors year after year: the philanthropic pizza place that donates to various Maui nonprofits goes through 5,000 pounds of flour each month—and that is a lot of dough.



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