Oroshigane, the Japanese copper grater


OroshiganeWhen Chef David Patterson relocated to Hana from Ohio, he quickly adapted to the new foods, climate, and customs. One local tool he picked up and now depends on is an oroshigane, or Japanese copper grater. “Everyone uses those microplanes,” says Chef David. “But the copper grater is so much stronger and so much more versatile.” He uses it to grate fresh Big Island wasabi root for sashimi (Hotel Hana-Maui’s Ka‘uiki Dining Room goes through a pound of wasabi a week!) and to reduce daikon (Japanese radish) into a lovely entrée garnish. Served beside dragon-bean tempura, the grated daikon is a soft pyramid of lightly spiced flavor. Even citrus fruits and nutmeg are drawn across the grater’s hand-hewn teeth. “The fiber stays behind and you just get the nice juice,” says the chef.


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