Neil Young Retrospective at Morrison Hotel Gallery


Neil Young’s career speaks for itself. Morrison Hotel Gallery is proud to present a very special tribute to Neil Young from January 12-30.

Neil YoungThis unique exhibit opened at Morrison Hotel Gallery at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles on November 11th and in their NYC location in early December. This is the first exhibit in the gallery’s history, to be opening at all 3 locations within a 3-month span.

As a special addition to the opening of this exhibit, photographer and gallery co-owner Henry Diltz will be signing copies of his book, Unpainted Faces at Fleetwood’s on Friday, January 13th from 5 to 7 p.m. Unpainted Faces was first printed in 2006. The first 3 printings sold out and now, by popular demand, an expanded edition of the book has been re-printed. Copies of the book will be available for purchase during the signing.

Neil Young

Opening Reception*
Thursday, January 12 from 7-9 p.m.
Morrison Hotel Gallery
Fleetwood’s on Front Street
*Must RSVP Required To Attend Event –

Neil Young

Julie Gardner is a multi-talented artist, live music film producer, studio engineer, photographer, and designer. In a long recording career, and through incredible access for her photography, Gardner has worked with some the most successful recording artists and bands today, among them: As an engineer/producer – Van Morrison, Stephen Stills, Elvis Costello, Chrissie Hynde & The Pretenders, Joe Jackson, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Gary Moore, Deep Purple, John Legend, The Cranberries; As a photographer, Patti Smith, Willie Nelson, Tom Waits, Tom Jones, Sheryl Crow, My Morning Jacket, John Mellencamp, Eddie Vedder, Florence & the Machine, Bruce Springsteen, CSNY, Dixie Chicks, Beck and, of course, Neil Young.

Joel Bernstein is an acclaimed photographer whose work, spanning more than three decades, chronicles the inner lives and public moments of some of the most important singer-songwriters, performers and musicians of our time. They include Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, Prince, Jackson Browne, Laura Nyro, Tom Petty and many others. Bernstein’s many album covers are commonly listed among the most influential in rock’s visual history.

Danny Clinch has established himself as one of the premier photographers of the popular music scene. He has photographed a wide range of artists, from Johnny Cash to Tupac Shakur, from Bjork to Bruce Springsteen. His work has appeared in publications such as Vanity Fair, Spin, Rolling Stone, GQ, Esquire, The New Yorker and The New York Times Magazine, among others. Clinch has presented work in numerous galleries and published three books.

For over 40 years, photographer and Modern Folk Quartet founder Henry Diltz’s work has graced hundreds of album covers and has been featured in books, magazines and newspapers. His unique artistic style has produced powerful photographic essays of Woodstock, The Monterey Pop Festival, the Doors, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Jimi Hendrix and scores of other legendary artists. Diltz continues his distinguished career, generating new and vibrant photographs that inspire the rock n’ roll fan in each of us. Henry Diltz is a partner in, and is exclusively published and represented by Morrison Hotel Gallery.

About Morrison Hotel® Gallery
Morrison Hotel® Gallery was founded in 2001 by former record company executive Peter Blachley, music retail industry professional Richard Horowitz, and legendary music photographer Henry Diltz. In 2012, author, director and photographer Timothy White joined the team, launching an additional West Coast gallery at The Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood. The partners just launched a new location at Mick Fleetwood’s General Store in Maui, Hawaii.

Morrison Hotel Gallery is the world’s leading brand in fine art music photography representing over 100 of the world’s finest music photographers and their archives. The vast catalog of photography encompasses jazz, blues, and rock imagery spanning several generations through to today’s contemporary music artists and now includes iconic photographs in the world of sports as well. Morrison Hotel Gallery has a robust online presence, featuring over 100,000 images searchable by photographer, music artist, band or concert.


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