On the Upswing

A centuries-old sport gets a technological upgrade.

Kapalua golf video analysis
Kapalua’s Ben Hongo (right) uses video analysis to help players observe and improve their game.

Kapalua Golf & Tennis

If you blink, you might miss the small gray-and-orange box on Kapalua Golf’s Plantation Course. The TrackMan launch monitor has become a staple for the pros, and for good reason, says Ben Hongo. “It tracks what the club and the ball are doing in 3D and quantifies what we feel and see.”

As if that weren’t impressive enough, the TrackMan software also “normalizes” weather conditions. “On a windy day, it will tell us what the ball would have done without the wind,” Hongo says. It’s also a game changer for club fitting. “We used to give our best guesstimate [on whether] the club is right for you,” Hongo says. “Not anymore.”

At the Kapalua Golf Academy, Hongo uses coaching apps like Edufii and Hudl to connect with his students after they leave Kapalua. Students can also get a custom video lesson or digital video swing analysis, both of which can be emailed or texted to them to review at any time.

The course also has golf carts with touchscreen GPS displays that eliminate the guesswork by giving hole layouts and precise yardages. There’s even a charger for your smartphone, so you can check email, upload photos to Instagram, or play music while you’re out on the greens.

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