On the Upswing

A centuries-old sport gets a technological upgrade.


Wailea Golf Club

As you play Wailea’s Emerald, Gold or Blue courses, rest assured that someone has your back: staff members keep tabs on all three courses at all times with the help of GPS. “We always have eyes on the course,” says Jennifer McNally, the club’s director of sales and marketing.

Large monitors in the pro shops and at the starting desks track every cart on the course, as well as the pace of play. If a cart is behind schedule, roving player’s assistants spring into action and maneuver next-in-line golfers to a different hole to keep the momentum going.

Proactive troubleshooting makes the game more enjoyable for everyone, McNally says. With eye-level GPS screens in their carts, players get a great visual of the course, as well as helpful tools — hazard warnings, hole layouts and yardages — that give them more confidence in their decision-making. In addition, the carts have interactive, touchscreen features; golfers can request assistance, indicate they are looking for the beverage cart, and receive weather and other alerts.

To keep players cool and safe in the sun, both pro shops sell moisture-wicking, sun-protective clothing with four-way stretch technology. “Our motto is: look good, feel good, play good,” McNally says.

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