On the Upswing

A centuries-old sport gets a technological upgrade.


Four Seasons Resort Lāna‘i, Manele Golf Course

GolfBoards have landed on the island of Lāna‘i — Manele Golf Course has four, and reservations are required. Before you head to the first hole, get fitted with a custom club. Manele’s TrackMan fitting software tracks the way a golf ball travels when struck by a particular club, which helps you determine the best tool for your game. A second TrackMan device uses Doppler radar to display the speed and distance of each shot; it captures and analyzes twenty-six data points, including ball spin and angles of the club at impact.

If it sounds like rocket science, you’re partially right. The technology was designed to help the military track rockets and missiles. Now it’s helping players improve their game.

FourSeasons.com/Lanai | 808-565-4000


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