First Maui Cacao Harvest

maui cacao pods
The first hand harvested 439 cacao fruits (pods).

On Tuesday, March 13, farmers in Lahaina harvested Maui Kuʻia Estate cacao that was planted three years prior. When the factory opens, this Maui cacao will be processed into Maui-grown and “made on Maui chocolate,” with promises to donate 100% of the net profits to Maui charities and non-profit organizations.

maui cacao farmers
Pictured (Left to Right): Gunars (CEO and Owner), Andy Baltonado (Cacao Farmer), Dan O’Doherty (VP, Chocolate Operations), David McPherson (Cacao Farm Manager), Joseph Ward (Cacao Farmer), and Dylan Butterbaugh (President Manoa Chocolate).

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