Hana Hou, Chef Ho!

Taking a cue from Noble Chef 2014's Italian theme, Shurilla's tiramisu resembles a cup of cappuccino with a swirl of meringue as foam.


Story by Becky Speere | Recipe by Chef Teresa Shurilla | Photography by Mieko Horikoshi

chef made tiramisu

Chef Stanton Ho at the 2012 Noble Chef.
Chef Stanton Ho at the 2012 Noble Chef.

It began in 1996 as the Noble Grape — a food-and-wine gala held to benefit Maui Culinary Academy. Nearly two decades on, now renamed the Noble Chef, this beloved event continues to fund student scholarships in the tens of thousands of dollars.

More than money, the Noble Chef raises appreciation for Maui’s culinary professionals. It also creates priceless connections. One such is pastry chef Stanton Ho. In 2001, Ho led the United States World Cup Pastry Team to America’s first Gold Medal at Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in Lyon, France. And nearly every year since 2003, this stellar chef spends a week on Maui teaching MCA students to create the most elaborate dessert tastings Hawai‘i has seen.

Working side by side with Academy instructor Teresa “Cheech” Shurilla during many twelve- to fifteen-hour days, Ho has generously shared his expertise with students. Through his business network, he has also connected students to post-graduate work.

For his many contributions to Maui Culinary Academy, this year’s Noble Chef honors Stanton Ho, and shares this recipe created by Shurilla, who says she was inspired by Ho. “Tiramisu comes from the Italian phrase ‘Lift me up’ — and that’s what Chef Ho has done for so many students and professionals.”

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