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foreign exchange students in maui

french student hosts needed in mauiACE International will be bringing 25 students between the ages of 13-19 years old this July 3rd-24th to Maui from France for its Summer Home-stay Program. The program is very impactful for the families and the students involved. Participants in the program get a chance to share culture and experience new and fun things with a new lifelong friend. The program works alongside local companies to take the students on fun activities 3 times a week during their stay.

ACE International Hawaii is looking for Host Families to host a student (Ages 13-19) in their home for three weeks from July 3rd-24th. Host families receive a $400 allowance for hosting one student or $700 for two students, to help with the cost of food and gas.


Maui Event page:

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Tenessa & Chase Cavitt | Host Family Coordinators
808-298-3508 |


What is a Host Family?

A Host Family is someone who shares their home, culture, and life with an exchange student, in this case, a French student. Host Families have the opportunity to create lasting memories and lifelong international friends with these students.

How do we find the right student for our family?

When you contact us we will take note of the activities your family is interested in and ask you a few questions such as would you like to host a girl or a boy? Would you like to host 1 or 2 students? in order to match you up with the right student. ACE International receives personal letters, a list of interests and photos from each of our students which allows us to pair students up with the right family based on similar interests. Once your family is paired with a student you will have the opportunity to contact your student and their family before they arrive.

How Long will the Student stay?

Your student(s) will stay with your family for three weeks from July 3rd-24th. ACE International has 8 exciting activities planned for the students plus a Welcome and Farewell Party for all families and student involved. These parties are a great way to meet other local families and spend time with your student(s).

Transportation and ticket prices are covered by ACE. Host Families are responsible for providing their student with food on activity days as well as non-activity days.

What if I don’t have any kids?

We have found that great families come from many different types of homes. The students are very respectful, well-traveled and enjoy conversing with adults. The students will also have an opportunity to make new friends their age while on the activities.

What if I work?

No problem, often times other host families can spend time with your student or other arrangements can be made. Also students like to relax on their non-activity days because of all the exciting activities we have planned during their stay. The students are allowed to stay at your house while you are gone, even if they are alone.

How will we communicate with our student?

Most of the students have been studying English for years but if you are having a difficult time translating anything we have a French Chaperone who will be there to assist in translating. Translation books, apps and online websites are also a great way to communicate. Otherwise, the students are here to learn English and it is ok to correct them or give them more challenging questions / conversations to respond

Referral System

Our program relies on community involvement. If you have e-mails or phone numbers for friends or family on Maui (July 3rd-24th) or Oahu (Aug 2nd-23rd) who you feel would enjoy hosting a French student for three weeks, please refer them to us. We will contact each directly and give them detailed information about the program and match them with a student who fits in well with their family. We pay each person who refers a host family that hosts with us a one time placement fee of $50.

Win A Trip for Two to France!

We have a points system which will put you in a drawing to win a trip for two to France if you obtain 25 points. This trip includes airfare and hotel for two to France.

Every time you host you receive 5 points! When you refer a family to ACE you can either get a one time placement pay check of $50 or receive 5 points towards the drawing. Once you reach 25 points you will need to host that same year to be entered in the drawing. Every year after that when you host a student you will remain in the drawing!


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