The Short and Savory List

Need something to tide you over until dinner? These delicious locales can quell your hunger, with selections such as an ‘ahi poketini, hummus with fresh local veggies and a real pizzaiolo-made pizza.

Tom Ram
A Saigon Café Tom Ram

A Saigon Café

Consistency. That’s what you’ll find at Jennifer Nguyen’s Saigon Café. I know this because I’ve been eating her food ever since she was a one-woman show on Lower Main Street in the early 90s.

I recommend the Vietnamese burrito, a fun, interactive dish served with chargrilled marinated beef or tofu, rice paper wrappers and a mountain of fresh veggie condiments. My other go-to is a specialty of the house — the Tom Ram, a.k.a., Garden Party Shrimp. The prawns are fried crisp then sautéed in a highly-seasoned sauce with nam pla, onions and other secret ingredients which, when blended together, simply cry out for a bowl of rice. Either dish will leave you with a happy opu (belly).

1792 Main Street, Wailuku, (808) 243-9560



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