Ideas to Inspire Your Own Great Outdoors

From rainy Ha‘ikū, to sultry Lahaina, to Kula’s cloud-covered slopes, Maui offers a wealth of opportunities for creating an outdoor space perfect for you.


Story by Savy Janssen | Photos by John Giordani

Home as Masterpiece

beautiful backyard
Shrubs of oleander, golden durantas and colorful bromeliads line the yard’s grass pathways, inviting sunset strolls.
maui yards
A pebble border performs double duty, highlighting the path and discouraging weeds.

Ron and Peggy are lifelong connoisseurs of the arts. After purchasing two acres in Upcountry Kula in 2003, they added flora to their passion for all things aesthetic. “There’s nothing more beautiful,” says Peggy, gesturing out at the view that makes every window look like a framed work of art. “To be surrounded by this vista — it’s so peaceful.”

Green pathways wander amid islands of stunning bromeliads, succulents and fruit trees — an Eden that, unlike its namesake, takes constant work to maintain in so pristine a condition. “Every time we go for a walk in the garden, about ten seconds later, we’re down on our knees, pulling weeds,” Peggy laughs. “But we love it. You’d have to be crazy to do this if you didn’t enjoy it.

maui waterfall landscaping
Gary Mohrlang, of Islandscapes LLC, turned a bare spot into an oasis of phoenix palms, tillandsias, and water lilies; the late Maui artist Douglas Chun, a passionate gardener himself, helped design the waterfall. “We asked for a waterfall,” says Peggy, “and got seven little ones!”

Biggest Challenge: “When we bought the property, the bottom of the yard was a jungle. It’s also on a fairly steep slope, so we had to do a lot of clearing and landscaping.”

Tip: Because Kula can often be dry, Peggy says, “We sought out succulents, oleander, protea and other drought-tolerant plants. It’s wise to experiment, and to ask a lot of questions of the neighbors.”


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