Ideas to Inspire Your Own Great Outdoors

From rainy Ha‘ikū, to sultry Lahaina, to Kula’s cloud-covered slopes, Maui offers a wealth of opportunities for creating an outdoor space perfect for you.


South Maui Oasis

Kihei backyard
Palm expert Chris Luetenecker recommended açai palms along the fence to add privacy to a yard that is also green with MacArthur and phoenix palms, bamboo and bromeliads.

Manicured grass squishes beneath my toes, and a small fountain trickles at the base of a thick palm. Though the afternoon sun is warm on my face, the tree’s shade and an ocean breeze keep me cool. For a moment, I’m surprised to recall that I’m in dry, dusty Kīhei.

“This is my little oasis,” Cindy Greenwell says, then acknowledges that it wasn’t always idyllic. When she bought the quarter-acre lot — a foreclosed property she sought to renovate and eventually resell — it was filled with weeds, dirt, and trash. Today, arrayed with sprouting bamboo, smooth monstera leaves, sweet potato and more, these grounds are a perfect space for entertaining or simply enjoying the outdoors.

Cindy smiles as she tells me that it’s been a labor of love — lots of love, and lots of labor. “It’s always a work in progress. There’s plants that do well in winter that in summer just get torched. Some things, you go, ‘Well, that didn’t work,’ and you start over again.”

Biggest Challenge: “The sheer volume of it. It’s challenging having to do everything from scratch.”

Tip: Kīhei’s sun can be formidable, especially in summer. “I recommend shade trees, and choosing plants wisely,” says Cindy. “Know how much sun they’re going to get, and how much water they need. Here, succulents do really well.”


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