Home Break

Pro surfer Dusty Payne builds on his love of Honolua Bay.


Story by Sarah Ruppenthal | Photography by Ryan Siphers

Honolua home
In the strategically positioned master bedroom, two sliders open to a covered lānai with sweeping views of Honolua Bay and the island of Molokaʻi across Pailolo Channel.

The first time Dusty Payne laid eyes on the Kapalua property overlooking Honolua Bay, he was sitting in a hotel room in southwest France. Even from half a world away, he knew it was the perfect spot to build the home he’d longed for ever since he was a kid. “I’ve been surfing Honolua Bay my entire life,” he says. “I always dreamed of owning a place that looked directly over it.”

Dusty Payne Hawaii home
What would you hang in the hallway leading to the master bedroom to give it a pop of color? If you’re Dusty Payne, you choose a board shaped by surfing legend Gerry Lopez.

A professional surfer, Dusty carved out a name for himself at an early age as a wave-riding prodigy. He’s now one of the sport’s most respected figures, earning admiration for both his natural athleticism, and his stoicism after a near-fatal accident on O‘ahu last year. He’s also a familiar face in the lineup at Honolua Bay, home to a legendary right-hand  point  break. Over the years, Dusty has ridden waves at iconic surf spots around the globe (and won his share of competitions), but says he’s always felt the gravitational pull of Honolua Bay.

So when his brother, Dylan, a realtor, told him about the vacant parcel for sale in Kapalua three years ago, he was instantly intrigued. At the time, Dusty was in France for the 2016 Quiksilver Pro surfing competition, so Dylan gave him a long-distance tour of the four-and-a-half-acre lot, using the FaceTime app on his iPhone. The moment the sweeping ocean views appeared on his phone’s screen, Dusty was sold on the property. He made an offer from Europe, and not long after, started planning his dream house.



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