In Pursuit of Pleasure: Spa Treatments

Maui spas offer no shortage of deluxe pampering treatments to cater to your every wish. Not sure where to start? We’ve decoded some of our favorites to help you decide.


Compiled by Maui Nō Ka ‘Oi

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ACTIVE BODY RX | 875-2229

THE TREATMENT: ʻAwa Remedy | Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Kea Lani

WHAT IT INCLUDES: For centuries, Polynesians have revered ʻawa as a medicinal plant known to release tension and soothe sore muscles. Inspired by Hawaiian warriors who used the root to relieve bodily stress, this treatment is perfect for modern-day athletes. The spa’s citrus sugar scrub prepares the skin for the healing powers of an ʻawa and aloe body mask that’s followed by an invigorating head-to-toe massage.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: While ʻawa is typically consumed as a beverage, incorporating it into a massage effectively relaxes tense muscle tissue. Its warming nature helps to increase peripheral blood flow.

WHAT IT COSTS: 90 minutes, $279; available as a couple’s experience

PURE LUXURY | 874-8000

THE TREATMENT: Celestial Black Diamond Facial | The Spa at Four Seasons Maui

WHAT IT INCLUDES: If Marilyn were alive today, it’s likely she’d be singing the praises of a facial that literally covers you in diamonds. As its name suggests, actual nano particles of diamonds are in this face mask. Working in concert with other spa products, “diamond dust” transports ingredients more deeply into the skin. LED light and oxygen therapy are also integrated into the luxe treatment, promising to zap bacteria, stimulate collagen production, and reduce inflammation.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: Designed to shrink pores, brighten complexion, and plump tired skin, the so-called “red carpet facial” is said to be a go-to for celebrities facing the klieg lights and flashing bulbs, so you can be confident this treatment has been field-tested.

WHAT IT COSTS: 80 minutes, $495

NATURE’S BEST | 875-1234

THE TREATMENT: Lilikoʻi Body Bliss | Spa Grande at Grand Wailea Maui

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Maui’s natural wonders are at the forefront of this spa experience. Any visit to Spa Grande begins with the “Healing Waters of Maui” hydrotherapy circuit, which follows the Hawaiian concept of  ahupua‘a (land division) or five nutrient-rich baths that mimic clouds, waterfalls, streams, rainforest, and ocean. The treatment includes a full-body scrub using locally grown lilikoʻi (passion fruit), cane sugar, and organic honey. It’s followed by a soothing lomi lomi massage.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: The combination of massage therapy and aromatic extracts not only soothes sore and tired muscles, but blissfully elevates the spirit and delights the senses.

WHAT IT COSTS: 100 minutes, $350


THE TREATMENT: ʻĀina Spa Ritual | Hoʻomana Spa

WHAT IT INCLUDES: This cultural immersion begins outdoors, where you’ll gather medicinal herbs from the spa’s native garden. Healing plants are combined with sea salt and oil extracts and steeped into a bath, followed by an ʻawa clay body mask and lomi lomi massage. Following tradition that has been passed down through generations, every treatment begins with a Hawaiian chant.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: Hawaiians believe that  mana, the life force, dwells within our bones.  Lomi lomi works by unlocking the tension in the muscles and ligaments surrounding them, which allows  mana  to circulate more freely. Practitioners apply a gentle touch and work deep into the muscles, while continuous, flowing strokes unwind tension.

WHAT IT COSTS: 3 hours, $375

ROMANCE | 662-6600

THE TREATMENT: Maui Romance | Spa Montage at Montage

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Indoor-outdoor treatment rooms highlight nature’s beauty while remaining blissfully private. Inside, the stage is set for an enchanting escape: a coconut milk bath in a stone-carved tub is adorned with tropical flowers, and a fresh fruit platter sweetens the deal. Soak up the romance, then enjoy personalized side-by-side massages.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: A couple’s massage isn’t all pillow talk or loving glances sent across the room. It’s more of a chance for partners to unwind—a way to be refreshed, to disconnect from buzzing phones, and to be fully engaged in a deliciously indulgent activity together.

WHAT IT COSTS: 90 minutes, $580; 120 minutes, $760

SUN RELIEF | 573-1234

THE TREATMENT: Restore | ʻĀwili Spa at Andaz Maui

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Despite best intentions to use caution when outdoors, the sun’s rays can wreak havoc on your skin. Repent for your solar sins with this restorative treatment that begins with a body scrub, followed by an aloe-infused wrap, and finishes with a hydrating massage that incorporates oils made from stonecrop succulents.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: Aloe contains compounds called polysaccharides that encourage skin repair and new skin cell production. With the botanical’s gel mostly made of water, therapeutic aloe hydrates the skin without leaving any post-application product residue. It also helps lock in moisture, while ultimately smoothing and softening your skin.

WHAT IT COSTS: 90 minutes, $299; 120 minutes, $399


THE TREATMENT: The Hydrafacial | The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Kapalua

WHAT IT INCLUDES: It’s an anti-aging treatment on a mission to deliver medical-grade results without a lot of fuss. Relax in the comfort of a spa setting, while a Hydafacial therapist helps to deliver a more radiant you in three steps: cleansing, exfoliating, then infusing with restorative serums.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: Without surgery, injections, discomfort, or down time, this pain-free procedure is like a pleasurable massage for your face, and is designed to minimize wrinkles, fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, clogged pores, uneven skin tone, and more

WHAT IT COSTS: 25 minutes, $165; 50 minutes, $280; 80 minutes, $395


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