The Nineteenth Hole

After a day driving and putting on the course, smart Maui golfers head to these four spots for refreshment.


Sara De Palma

pineapple grillYou’ve packed up your putter after the last green, but there’s one more stop before you call it a day: the 19th hole—the perfect setting for settling wagers, practicing graciousness in victory, or inventing a plausible excuse for defeat. (“Sure I sliced. That breaching whale distracted me!”) Lucky you—even if you’ve lost, you’ve won, because Maui’s 19th holes are more than a cut above the average watering hole. You can quench your thirst at restaurants boasting some of the best ocean views on the island, and nosh on dishes dreamed up by notable culinary talents. Here are some tips from the pros:

Pineapple Grill—Kapalua Bay Course
Chef Ryan Luckey

Maui Cattle Flatiron Kalbi Steak or Wasabi Pea and Pistachio Encrusted Sashimi

Tip: Cool off at the handsome, air-conditioned bar outfitted with enough plasma HDTVs to please any sports fan.

Plantation House Restaurant—Kapalua Plantation Course Clubhouse
Chef Alex Stanislov

Cajun Sashimi ‘Ahi Benedict

Tip: Sit in the dining room to spy on folks teeing off on the first hole, or sneak back to the more casual bar area and watch for feats of victory on the 18th.

“It’s perfect after an early round,” says Plantation House Manager Paul Brown. “We serve breakfast and lunch all day, so golfers can come in for brunch any time. It’s perfect served with our secret-recipe Bloody Mary.”

Café O’Lei at the Dunes—Maui Lani Golf Course
Chef Dana Pastula

The Tower (A high-rise of appetizers, including crab-and-artichoke dip and crisp tempura)

Tip: New to the Dunes, this restaurant group has a seriously loyal following. Manoa Lettuce Wraps and Baked Maui Onion Soup en Croute are addictive. Good thing they’re always on the menu.

The SeaWatch Restaurant—Wailea Gold & Emerald Clubhouse
Chef Todd Carlos

The fare ranges from miso-glazed tiger prawns to Angus short ribs in red wine . . . and even the humble burger and beer are delicious. 

Tip: Share some appetizers after a noontime round and take advantage of a killer perch for soaking in opulent Wailea sunsets.


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