Adventure X

How far would you go to explore a world unknown to all but a few?


Story by Kyle Ellison | Photography by Ed Robinson

scuba diving maui hawaii
More than 200 species of marine life inhabit Molokini crater. Some, like the black-and-white ‘alo‘ilo‘i (Hawaiian damselfish) are endemic to these islands; others, like bright red ‘ū‘ū (soldierfish) are found in waters around the globe. Whether endemic, indigenous, or introduced, all combine to create an aquatic kaleidoscope out on the reef.

“Well,” asks Ed. “Any vetoes on where we go?”

I’ve been on scuba trips from Nicaragua to New Zealand, and I’ve never once had the dive instructor ask where I wanted to go.

yellow-margin moray eel hawaii
Puhi paka, the yellow-margin moray, is only threatening to divers if provoked. Hawaiians feared their aggressive, toothy behavior, and prized their flesh as a delicacy that was reserved for ali‘i, or chiefs.

Then again, I’ve never been on a dive charter that’s quite like Adventure X—a weekly trip that’s specifically for advanced divers and photographers.

Offered by Ed Robinson’s Diving Adventures, the experience is much more hands-off than you’d find on standard dive charters— ones in which you’re assigned a guide and are told to stay right behind them.

Adventure X puts a couple of guides in the water—and you can hang with them if you want—but you’re also free to explore on your own.



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