The Rancher’s Daughter


“What about just a great home on a manageable property, for those who don’t want to ranch, or go into development?”

“Ranching is certainly not for everyone,” Wendy laughs. “For those who simply want the Upcountry lifestyle, there are gorgeous properties on perhaps two or two-and-a-half acres with stunning views, privacy, and plenty room for animals and gardens. I have several on the market right now, ranging in price from just below $1,500,000, up to $4,500,000.”

“What should folks ask about when looking Upcountry?”

“The first question I ask people is, what kind of weather do you want? Elevation and location will determine that. The second is, what do you want to do with your property? Again, elevation as well as zoning will dictate what you can grow, and what kind of animals you can have. Last, but perhaps most important, is water. Does the property have County water, or will you have to drill a well? At an elevation of 2,000 or 3,000 feet, that’s a huge commitment. And how many water meters does the property have? Is it subdividable? That will determine how many buildings you can have. Another issue is view vulnerability — can anyone obscure your view?”

“You have such deep roots here, are you sad to see the island become more developed, changed?” I ask. “Not really,” Wendy replies. “There really is enough space—although I am sad to see the end of sugar. I’ll miss how, on flights back to Maui, the cane fields seemed to wave me in as we landed. And I’ll miss seeing the smokestacks that helped us judge wind direction. But change is inevitable. As long as people are conscientious about building, and respectful of the environment, and if those who come here understand what it means to give back, then it’s beautiful to share.”



  1. We are so proud and humbled to have Wendy as part of our Ohana of real estate professionals. She truly embodies the Upcountry lifestyle like no other.


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