Podcast Episode 6: Tapani Vuori & Lysha Kamisato Wernig


Jason Evans of SilverShark Media covers ocean science topics with Tapani Vuori & the importance of fitness with Lysha Kamisato Wernig.

In this podcast Tapani explains how the Maui Ocean Center came to be in 1998, how they help the water quality of Ma’alaea Harbor, the effort to incorporate Hawaiian culture throughout the aquarium, their focus on endemic species, why they started a non-profit to help with turtle conservation and educational outreach, what makes Ma’alaea a higher risk area for water quality, how they created the innovative Humpbacks of Hawaii experience, how they aim to be a sustainable aquarium, how they’ve adapted during the stay at home situation, how the waters are getting a break from heavy boat traffic during April & May, and why sustainable tourism is important for the future.

Jason also speaks to Lysha Kamisato Wernig () about her early introduction to fitness, why she used her Miss Maui platform to promote health & nutrition, how after being originally hesitant to try yoga it changed her life, the inspiration to start a fitness company on her own, what it was like becoming an ambassador for Lululemon, why fitness is so important during the stay at home order for physical and mental health, how virtual classes are opening the door for people to try new fitness genres, why she decided to offer free virtual classes on Maui during the stay at home situation, and her advice for people who haven’t been able to be as active during this time.


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