Podcast Episode 33: Caleb Hopkins & Ashley Davis (Mala Ocean Tavern)


Jason Evans of SilverShark Media is joined by Mala Ocean Tavern General Manager Caleb Hopkins and Marketing Director Ashley Davis.

In this podcast Caleb and Ashley talk about how they each ended up on Maui as part owners of Mala Ocean Tavern, the decision making process when the ownership changed over from Mark Elman to their team, how they approach Mala Ocean Tavern differently from Down The Hatch (which their group owns as well), their advice for those looking to form business partnerships, why the Maui No Ka Oi Magazine Aipono Awards are important to them, how they first dealt with the initial Covid-19 impacts in March, the adaptations they’ve had to make this summer in order to reopen, and the inspiration to launch their new Chef Takeover series that they’ll host every Tuesday in August.


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