Podcast Episode 21: Maggie Pulver (Kaho’olawe Island Reserve Commission)


In today’s podcast episode, Jason Evans from SilverShark Media talks to Maggie Pulver of the Kaho’olawe Island Reserve Commission – KIRC.

Tune in as Maggie discusses the history of Kaho’olawe, the condition of the island when it was transferred back to the state of Hawaii from the US military, how access on island is split into three different zones, how KIRC prioritizes restoration projects, how the volunteer process works to get over to Kaho’olawe, the work that volunteer groups take part in on island, what it was like dealing with a major fire in February of 2020, how Covid-19 has impacted workflow, how to become a volunteer, how the community can donate items that can be put to use on Kaho’olawe, and the goals for KIRC in the future including building a new educational community center on Maui.


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