Maui’s Mrs. Manners

Maui Etiquette Class Handshake
Lynn’s students practice a winning handshake and proper introduction, skills that will serve them in good stead throughout their professional lives.

In fact, Riley is the reason Lynn traveled to Georgia to formally study etiquette. She wanted him to know how to act in a variety of social situations, feel comfortable traveling, be able to impress a future boss . . . skills she wasn’t taught, growing up on Maui. Lynn recalls ruefully how her confidence suffered when she went off to law school.

While our relaxed, island ways are full of aloha, they don’t necessarily prepare our kids for success in life, especially beyond our shores. Local schools have asked Lynn to give their students lessons. She plans to offer training in specialized topics, such as cultural etiquette, business conduct, and social media for teens.

When I ask my daughter what she liked best about the classes, Esta shares that learning the proper way to hold a cracker was her favorite. (Seriously, kid?) I ask if she thought anything was just plain whacky. With comic timing she replies, “How to hold a cracker.” Later, though, I catch her greeting her grandmother’s friend with eye contact, a handshake, and a flash of confidence that would make Mrs. Araki-Regan proud.

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