Pro Advice for Your Island Game

Tips for playing island courses, courtesy of Hawai'i's top Golf Pros


“The most important item for playing golf in Hawai’i? Sunscreen! Overexposure to Hawai’i’s sun is easy during the four or five hours you’re at the golf course, and can be dangerous. –Rick Castillo, PGA

“Hawai‘i’s fairways tend to be firmer and drier than mainland courses, and the ball will get a lot more roll. Allowing for roll is important in judging the distance of shots while playing here.”—Ed Kageyama, PGA

“The most important piece of equipment for playing golf in Hawai‘i? The putter. A good putter can be the difference between a fun round of golf and a bad one.”—Gary Planos, PGA

“Hawai‘i’s trade winds can be intimidating. The most common mistake golfers make is to swing the club faster and harder. The better option is to swing slower and easier.”—Dave Gleason, PGA


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