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It’s official: Our readers are as obsessed with Maui as we are. We see you out there, exploring the island and snapping those Insta-worthy shots. Keep ’em coming! Follow @MauiMag on Instagram, then tag us in your photos, and we’ll share some of our favorites.

Printed in our May-June issue

“Relaxing taking in a beautiful Ka‘anapali sunset.”
Editor’s note: Pretty good take on our July/August 2016 cover!

“Jeff scoping for worthiness on the backside”

“We were stoked to host our first private charter aboard the new boat and it couldn’t have been a more perfect evening. ‘Alihilani translates to “heavenly horizon” and last night’s sky was just that—absolutely divine.”

“A moment I captured where the whales seem to almost mimick the landscape of Maui in the background 🙂 What an amazing whale season we’ve had this year!”