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Story by Becky Speere

Maui wedding catering
Healthy Maui Chef’s cold somen salad with baked tofu and vegetables in rice-wine vinaigrette; and baked falafel patty with cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouted chickpeas and roasted red-pepper aioli.

Healthy Maui Chef

After working at top hotels on Maui, Chef Hilary Barsby realized that private-chef catering was her passion. A graduate of the nationally respected Maui Culinary Academy, with a second certificate in plant-based cuisine, Hilary has created a repertoire that emphasizes healthy dishes low in dairy and animal protein. Examples include whole-roasted cauliflower with za’atar spice and cardamom cream; polenta lasagna layered with kale and portobello mushrooms; and a crunchy tofu-and-vegetable bowl with quinoa and barbecue sauce. “Hilary is a fantastic and creative chef,” one happy client commented. “She joyfully cooked for six adults and two toddlers! There’s no better chef to work with in your home.” Hilary’s focus on heart-healthy cuisine and her knowledge of ethnic flavors make for a culinary adventure. And, on request, all her recipes can be made gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian.

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