Don’t Look Down: Kapalua Adventures

Kapalua's Mountain Outpost takes adventure to new--gulp!--heights.


kapalua zliplineKapalua Adventures’ Mountain Outpost includes eight state-of-the-art parallel zip-lines, a ropes course, four-station climbing tower, swing, a lift system called the Zipperlifter, and the longest suspension bridge in the State of Hawai‘i. Picture a layout that thrill-seeking kids might dream up in their wildest imaginations. Zip-lines crisscross deep gulches and skim above fields for nearly two miles. Guests are challenged with the Leap of Faith and Giant Swing.

It was a bright, sunny day when wife Kelly and I took our kids here to celebrate son Mark’s sixteenth birthday. We had all heard about the new eco-adventure tour and were eager to try it out.

The sense that this gallivant would be unique set in about the same time we climbed aboard an ungainly Mercedes-Benz Unimog for our twenty-minute ride from the Adventure Center to the Mountain Outpost. The tall, all-purpose German truck, complete with an opening in the roof for a gun turret, may have served the military or a farmer in its past life, but has since been converted by Kapalua Adventures into a twenty-person carrier that runs on biodiesel.



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