Spiked Shave Ice


Story by Becky Speere

adult shaved ice
Breakwall offers a rainbow of grown-up fun! From left: Strawberry Guava Daiquiri (rum, limeade, strawberry guava and strawberry purees), Mudslide (vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream, espresso, chocolate drizzle and ice cream), and Mango Margarita (tequila, lime and orange-mango syrup).

Picture this: You’re in Lahaina (which is literally translated as “cruel sun”). The day is still and muggy. Sweat rolls down your temples, tickling your cheeks and neck as it traces a path southward.

Then, you hear music. You look over a railing and see what looks to be a party. Is it a mirage? Maybe, maybe not, but you decide to chance it. You stumble down the stairs toward the sounds of laughter and acoustic guitar and arrive at Breakwall, a shave-ice joint overflowing with similarly overheated humans. This is the perfect treat to manage the heat. Hallelujah!

As you wait in line, you select your fruity salvation from the menu. But, wait … what’s this? — another sign that reads, “Adult Shave Ice?” The list of over-21 icy options includes Mango Margarita, Strawberry Guava Daiquiri and Mojito Float. What luck finding this liquid oasis!

spiked shave ice

Finally, it’s your turn. You place your order with a croak and watch as the ice artisan drizzles fresh fruit syrups made with local limes, oranges and mangoes over fine wisps of downy snow. A dash of “super-sour spray” and a heavy-handed swirl of tequila, and your grown-up shave ice is ready: a Mango Margarita.

You settle on a bench to savor that frozen concoction that helps you hang on. Your day is immediately transformed and what was once a miserable heat is now a warm embrace. The musician catches your eye and tips his head at you with a smile. Ahh, this is indeed paradise.

658 Front Street, #104, Lahaina | dthmaui.com | 808.661.4900 | IG/FB @BreakwallShaveIce


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