Simple Pleasures

The lesson of this Haʻikū home: Less can truly be more.


In the barn, a white oak table shipped from Denmark holds court on the main floor. Stairs lead to a second-story loft, where built-in cabinets along one wall store Cloth and Goods’ inventory. The barn also houses two workstations, a sunlit nook with a bed for overnight guests (or for Melissa after a late-night work session), and windows that look out to the picturesque landscape.

Nearby is Naomi’s 2,500-square-foot residence. A different architect designed it, but the house reprises the style of the cottage, and Naomi tapped Melissa to design the interior. The Guggenheims masterminded the layout of Naomi’s design studio, above the detached garage. And as a member of Acacia’s creative team, Melissa will be there working alongside her daughter.

It’s only been two years since they broke ground on the property, but the family’s roots already run deep. “We’ve made some great memories here,” Melissa says. “I’m looking forward to making more.”

The architects designed the low and narrow cottage to contrast with the barn’s substantial breadth and height.


Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio (architects)
925 NW 19th Ave., Portland, Oregon | | (503) 272-1566

Jurassic Stoneworks
(countertops in cottage)
2000 Maui Veterans Hwy., Kahului
(808) 873-7742 |

Maui Kitchen Conversions (built-ins)
(808) 874-9663

MW Design Workshop (railings in barn)
P.O. Box 5759, Salem, Oregon | (503) 364-6430 |

Melissa Newirth/Cloth and Goods
(interior design) |

The Shade Store (window shades)
(800) 754-1455 |

Tulip Floors
305 Cutting Blvd., Richmond, California | (510) 558-2030 |

Wildco Construction Inc.
(general contractor)
(808) 283-2371 |



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