Podcast 112: Kawika Freitas (Old Lahaina Luau)

Diane Woodburn of Maui No Ka Oi Magazine speaks with Kawika Freitas, Director of Public and Cultural Relations for the Old Lahaina Luau.
In this podcast Kawika talks about a brief history of Old Lahaina Luau (including development of Aloha Mixed Plate and Feast at Lele), how Old Lahaina Luau has won the Aipono Gold Award for Best Luau for every year for almost twenty years, what his role at Old Lahaina Luau entails, some of the national and international campaigns they have participated in supporting good causes, the owners of Old Lahaina Luau winning the Icon Aipono Award in 2017, how Old Lahaina Luau will be hosting the 2022 Aipono Awards on August 20th, some of the challenges of the past two years, examples of adaptations the luau has made due to the pandemic including adding plated service, how people can get tickets to Old Lahaina Luau, the importance of booking your tickets as far in advance as possible, and the success of Star Noodle & Leoda’s over the years.


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