Podcast Episode 31: Garrett Marrero (Maui Brewing Company)


Diane Woodburn of Maui No Ka Oi Magazine speaks with CEO and co-founder of Maui Brewing Company Garrett Marrero.

In this podcast Garrett talks about growing the Maui Brewing Company business so quickly, his dedication to using local products whenever possible, the decision early on to distribute beer in cans instead of bottles, the importance of innovation for a business, how they utilized solar energy to be electricity grid independent, why efficiency is necessary for a business, how they have coped in 2020 as a business with the pandemic, their decision to make sanitizer early on (and the unusual legal opposition they had after doing so), the challenges with outdated legislation in the alcohol industry on Maui, why he teamed up with other restaurant owners to form the Maui Restaurant Hui, their goal to help support restaurants and their employees in this difficult time, the challenges for Maui Brewing Company and other restaurants as they begin to reopen, and his hopes for the future.


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