Podcast Episode 29: Brandon Sato (Kula Onions)


Jason Evans of SilverShark Media speaks with farmer Brandon Sato of Kula Onions Etc.

In this podcast Brandon talks about the history of farming in his family dating back to the 1930’s, how the farm has evolved from his grandfather to today, how he supplies restaurants on Oahu and Maui with his produce, how he learned early on that Covid-19 was going to have a major impact on agriculture, the decisions he had to make with his farm as restaurants began closing in March, how he donated 2,500 pounds of food from his farm this past Easter, what the decision making process will look like as he assesses how much food he should begin planting as restaurants slowly reopen, the importance of diversifying products as a farmer, how farm size impacts your distribution potential, the importance (and challenges) of getting more younger farmers into agriculture on Maui, and he speaks to the efforts of farmers who have continued to provide food to the community during these challenging times in 2020.


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