Podcast Episode 25: Zane Schweitzer (Pro Athlete)


Jason Evans of SilverShark Media talks to elite waterman and professional athlete Zane Schweitzer.

In this podcast Zane talks about his families history in water sports, what it was like growing up on Maui surrounded by so much talent in the water, how the popularity of SUP opened up new opportunities for him, how he first realized a career as an athlete was possible, why he uses his platform to promote ocean conservation, why the topic of plastic pollution is so important to him, how he decided to ensure his sponsors support similar conservation practices, how we all have choices each day that can help make our planet a better place, what some of his challenges were early on for the business side of being a professional athlete and managing his own brand, his advice to kids who want to try a career in surfing or other water sports, his advice to parents who think their kid has potential to make a career out of water sports, his experience of flying when suddenly borders began closing in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic in March, how he’s dealing with travel restrictions in 2020 and adapting his brand in a time when contests have been cancelled for most of the year, and what it’s been like being featured on a new documentary featured on Netflix.


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