Podcast Episode 10: Scott Fisher & Dr. Rachel Cartwright


Jason Evans of SilverShark Media covers topics of conservation on land and in the ocean with Scott Fisher & Dr. Rachel Cartwright.

In this podcast Scott explains the work of the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT) statewide and on Maui, how HILT protects important animal habitat, the importance of the Waihe’e Coastal Dunes & Wetlands Refuge, how HILT protects important cultural sites and artifacts, their outreach efforts in educating the community on their work, why they chose to keep certain lands open during the stay at home situation, and what the goals of HILT are for the future.

Jason also speaks to Dr. Rachel Cartwright (25:25) about her work with the humpback whale research organization the Keiki Kohola Project, what a typical day of research on the water is like during whale season, how technology has advanced research over the years, changes she has seen over the past few decades with whale habitat and behavior, how different ecosystems such as those in Hawaii and Alaska are interconnected for humpbacks, what a typical year is like for migrating humpback whales that visit Hawaiian waters, why humpbacks prefer some areas to others in Maui waters, and how the elimination of heavy boat traffic worldwide during Covid-19 could benefit ocean habitats.


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