Podcast 97: Sebastian Consiglieri & Chef Martin Monteverde (1111 Nikkei Sushi Bar)


Diane Woodburn of Maui No Ka Oi Magazine speaks to Sebastian Consiglieri & Chef Martin Monteverde about the upcoming debut of 1111 Nikkei Sushi Bar & Restaurant in Wailea.

In this podcast Sebastian and Martin talk about their Peruvian backgrounds, how they saw an opportunity to bring creative Peruvian fusion cuisine to the US, how the company is built with a foundation of giving back to the local community, their partnership supporting Imu Family Services, their approach to their new menu, why blending different approaches to Peruvian cuisine works so well, their recommendations for a way to try different components of their menu, and their excitement for the restaurant opening in Wailea on February 22nd, 2022


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