Podcast 96: Jenny Miller of the Maui Humane Society



Jason Evans of SilverShark Media speaks to Jenny Miller of the Maui Humane Society.

In this podcast Jenny talks about overcoming the challenges of 2020, how the Maui Humane Society is involved with helping Maui community members afford care and food for their pets, the importance of mental health awareness for staff members over the past 2 years, ways the Maui Humane Society has had to adapt as Covid restrictions evolve including creative ways to do annual fundraisers, how they will be sending a team to Hana in early December to help with pet checkups, what is involved in their Empty the Shelters event from December 6th – 20th, how people can adopt or foster animals, what people should consider before adopting a pet, and how you can learn more about the different programs offered by Maui Humane Society.


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