Podcast 69: Angela Vento (GM, Wailea Beach Resort – Marriott Maui)


Diane Woodburn of Maui No Ka Oi Magazine speaks with Angela Vento, GM of the Wailea Beach Resort – Marriott Maui.

In this podcast Angela talks arriving in Hawaii in 1989, how she went from pursing a dentist career to a career in the hospitality industry, what is has been like working in a male dominated industry, lessons she learned when her career took her from Hawaii to Boston and then back to Hawaii, her first reactions when the pandemic began to set in last March, why she prioritized staying in touch with Marriott employees during the shutdown, the importance of communication and accurate information during a situation like that, how the pretest rules have helped reopen tourism while keeping Maui safe over the past few months, how technology has enhanced service for guests, the new AC Marriott that will be opening in Wailea in April of 2021, and her advice for women who are looking to excel in the hospitality industry.


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