Podcast 68: Dr. Meagan Jones (Whale Trust)


Jason Evans of SilverShark Media speaks with Dr. Meagan Jones, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Whale Trust.

In this podcast Meagan talks about what inspired her to pursue a career in marine science, how she helped form the non profit organization Whale Trust to help support humpback whale research, the importance of science communication, the upcoming 15th annual Whale Tales event happening February 13th & 14th, the adaptations the event has had to make this year to go virtual due to the pandemic, how people can register and virtually attend, how the pandemic has created a unique environment for humpbacks in Hawaii and Alaska due to a drastic decrease in boat traffic, why it’s important in Hawaii for people on kayaks & SUP boards to keep their distance from humpback whales, why humpbacks come to Hawaii each year, what her year is like balancing field research and data analysis, how she helped bring a marine sciences minor to UH Maui College, one fact about humpback whales that surprised her over her years of research, and how people can support both Whale Tales this weekend and Whale Trust in different ways over the next few weeks.


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