Podcast 40: Mayor Michael Victorino


Diane Woodburn of Maui No Ka Oi Magazine speaks with Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino.

In this podcast Mayor Victorino talks about growing up on the Big Island and then moving to Maui, how giving back to the community has always been instilled in his family, how some personal hardships have helped with leadership, what the decision making process was like early on in the pandemic, how the county aggressively looked at providing support programs for local businesses, the success of the Kama’aina First program, the idea of shifting away from an economy that is fully dependent on tourism, the importance of growing agriculture on Maui into the future, how Covid-19 testing has evolved from April until now, the concept of the resort bubble proposal, how managed tourism will be important in the future to help lessen environmental impacts, and how he finds peace in decision making with those that might disagree with him.


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