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Learn the rules behind the proposed ban.


ocean netsDLNR Proposed Lay Gillnet Rules

Lay gillnets will be totally banned on Maui. The ban will not apply to surround, akule, or throw nets. For waters where laynets are to be permitted, additional restrictions are proposed:

Registration and identification:
•    Nets must be registered with DLNR.
•    Net owners must report any registered lay net that is lost, stolen, given away, or
otherwise no longer the property of the owner.
•    Nets must have four identification tags, one at each end of the float and lead lines.
•    Nets must have at least two surface buoys (with registration numbers) placed at
either end of the float line.
•    DLNR may seize any lay net found in the water that is not registered,
without identification, or is being fished improperly.
Net dimensions:
•    Maximum net length: 125 feet.
•    Maximum net height: 7 feet (stretched).
•    Minimum mesh: 2-3/4” (stretched); (3” for Kailua Bay FMA, on the Big Island).
•    Multi-panel nets are prohibited.
Fishing protocols:
•    Fishers may fish with (set) only one net at a time.
•    Minimum distance between any lay nets set in the same general area: 250 feet.
•    Nets may not be used at depths deeper than 25 feet; unless the fisher has a
Commercial Marine License, then 80 feet.
•    Nets may not be used (set) for more than 4 hours at any one time.
•    Nets must be inspected after two hours of being set.
•    Nets may not be used for at least 24 hours after any use.
•    Fishers may not fish again with a net for at least 24 hours after having fished
with any net.
•    Fishers may not leave a lay net unattended for longer than 30 minutes.
•    No lay net fishing permitted in freshwater streams or stream mouths.
•    No lay net fishing between from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before
Proposed area restrictions:
•    Moloka‘i, Lana‘i, Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau will not have banned areas for lay net use;
however, the proposed additional restrictions will apply.

Proposed waters where lay net use would be banned:
•    Hawai‘i – existing banned areas in West Hawai‘i.
•    Maui – around the entire island.
•    O‘ahu
– Portlock Point to Keahi Point (west of Pearl Harbor channel)
– Kailua Bay (Mokapu Peninsula to Wailea Point [northern boundary for Bellows AFB]).
– Kane‘ohe Bay (a portion of the bay; landward boundaries would be the main ship/sampan channels and landward of ‘Ahu o Laka).
For more information, visit the Department of Land & Natural Resources website: www.hawaii.gov/dlnr.


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