Meet the Neighbors


By Rita Goldman


You see them from almost any vantage on Maui: sister islands temptingly close, but not so easy to get to. That’s why even a short hop over the channel always feels like an adventure. Through the years, we’ve explored those disconnected parts of Maui Nui, and shared with you the sites, activities and traditions that make each island unique: Moloka‘i’s history as a place of exile (“Kalaupapa,” Fall 2003), but also as the birthplace of hula (“Where Tradition Holds Sway,” Mar/Apr 2007) . . . backroads on Lāna‘i that lead to a shipwrecked beach or a “garden of the gods” . . . and to Kaho‘olawe, where volunteers struggle to restore life to that former target island. While our official territory is Maui County, we couldn’t miss the chance to see up close rivers of molten lava spilling into the ocean along Hawai‘i Island’s Puna Coast. We tagged along when members of the Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Voyaging Society paddled over successive journeys to the farthest reaches of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. And on one magical night, from inside Haleakalā Crater, we even went exploring the stars.



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