Pampered in Paradise: Maui Resort Spa Treatments

A good spa can transport you. The finest do so while remaining rooted in their surroundings. Using Maui as inspiration — from locally sourced ingredients to a massage performed in the ocean — these treatments will have you drifting away like an island breeze.


Float Your Troubles Away

THE TREATMENT: Wai Vari Massage
The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Maui

Four Seasons Maui water massageWHAT IT INCLUDES: This weightless massage takes place entirely in the water; choose the ocean or the tranquil Four Seasons freshwater pool. A wetsuit is included to keep you warm and comfy, and your therapist will personally escort you to the beach or pool. Warm sun on your face, a gentle support under your neck and back, the salt scent of ocean and comforting sounds of gently breaking waves. . . . Talk about an immersive experience in relaxation!

A FIX FOR: Whatever ails you. Wai Vari awakens and opens energy paths, and gently realigns the body. And those little aches and pains of daily life? Voila — gone!

THE PERKS: Well, it is the Four Seasons. I recommend arriving the day before. I did, and spent the afternoon exploring the amenities of the spa and indulging in the E Ola Hou (Hawaiian Healing Wrap — wonderful!). Next morning, waxke early; the Wai Vari treatment begins at 8 a.m. I promise, it’s worth it. Later you can spend the day like Cleopatra on the Nile: just book a cabana at the serenity pool.

Four Seasons Maui Beach

NICE SURPRISE: My therapist, Rob Rice, suggested we venture into the ocean, as the morning was still and the ocean serene. He made sure I was comfortable and floating easily with the aid of a neck pillow. (The wetsuit also aids floatation.) He began to gently manipulate my spine, neck, legs and feet. My body swayed and seemed to stretch a little further with each rise and fall of the ocean swell. Little knots that had bothered me for years melted away. I lost all sense of time, literally floating my cares away. When our session was over, and my feet once again trod earth, I felt a little dizzy.  Rob led me to a chaise lounge on the beach. After I peeled off the wetsuit, he covered me with a warm beach towel, gave me a cool glass of water, and left me to relax and recover. It was quite a while before I joined the world again, renewed.

WHY WE LOVE IT: It’s a big, busy world out there — a little pampering goes a long way in reminding your body just how much you appreciate it. And no place does it better than Four Seasons.

THE COST: $135 for 25 minutes, but because this treatment leaves you so utterly relaxed, allow yourself an added 30 minutes to bask in the sun and/or warm you bones in the hot tub. — Diane Haynes Woodburn
*Please verify current pricing on spa websites.

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